The Threat Assessment is the foundation required to properly build the necessary framework for any security program. By conducting detailed Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessments (RTVAs), BRG is able to analyze your organization’s security needs and advise accordingly.


Calculating the true cost of workplace violence is nearly impossible. Many who assess this problem from the outside generally only consider the physical implications. The reality of workplace violence is that the physical costs of damage are just the beginning, There are also emotional and financial ramifications that can sweep through a company destroying employee morale and stakeholder confidence. BRG’s aim is not only to cover the conventional best practices to avoid these incidents from ever taking place but also to equip your workforce with the proper mindset and training to best deal with these incidences when they are in progress.

An initial Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessments (RTVA) will help BRG consultants determine the existing vulnerabilities within your organization’s physical security systems and operations. From there BRG consultants will create a custom security plan based on the needs of your organization to include VIP protection, congregation security, medical and emergency evacuation. Lastly, BRG consultants will design and conduct the necessary training for your existing security team utilizing the assets and facilities you already have at your disposal.

The difference between victims and survivors is mindset, proper planning and focused execution. Do your kids know how to react in the event of a home invasion when you’re not home? What about a natural disaster, fire or medical emergency? Through proper planning and basic security awareness training these are the types of things we help families mitigate. BRG consultants will come to your home, conduct a risk, threat and vulnerability assessment and develop immediate action strategies unique to your family, home and resources.