Bring the “Meaning After Military” to Your Event


Byron Rodgers is more than just a motivational speaker – he is an Empowerment Strategist! While any speaker can talk about what makes success, Byron walks your audience through the understanding of one’s consciousness to take ownership of a more successful path.

In engaging and warm style, this “motivational speaker” explains how the mind actually works, and how to recognize your own power to motivate yourself on a permanent, long-term basis. He then introduces you to the process of “Getting in the Loop of Destiny,” providing daily tools that can immediately be put to work for noticeable and significant changes.

Byron delivers his innovative, unique and powerful alchemy solutions to individuals and organizations everywhere. As your motivational speaker, he is just as comfortable in a keynote position as he is in his inspiring workshops.

Allow your audience to better meet challenges, find greater passion and purpose, and learn how to turn on their own “chemistry of the mind” for fireworks of the very best kind!

For booking and appointments call 844.801.4203

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