Meaning After The Military VIP Membership

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1. Identity
2. Purpose part 1
3. Definite Purpose Statement(DPS) part 2
4. Fulfillment
5. Sustainment



The meaning after the military process is a scientific process created by Byron Rodgers a combat vet and a certified strategic interventionist.  The process is designed to help former service members and veterans find their purpose and direction in life after their time in service. The meaning after the military process uses a synergy of real-world experience and human needs psychology in order to help veterans leverage the power of their authenticity, individual ability and also their military skill sets in order to create the type of life that would bring them the most fulfillment moving forward.  This process is not only for veterans transitioning but for absolutely any veteran who has left the armed forces No matter how long ago and is currently engaged in the fight to find meaning in life after their time in service.

The process is broken up into 5 different modules and each module comes complete with workbook PDFs as well as videos from Byron and a dialog box for follow-on coaching support:



Definite Purpose Statement (DPS)




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