EPL Training Day

We are all faced with many tasks within the realm of Executive Protection and while somethings we can simply figure out as we go, other things go more smoothly if we have some guidance. As a private security professional who’s been in the game for a decade and has successfully executed operations in over 60 countries for every client demographic the industry has to offer, as the CEO of my own company for a few years now and the host of the “Executive Protection Lifestyle Podcast,” I Byron Rodgers wanted to create something that I can give back to the game that has blessed me with so much.  


“I remember being a young agent in the private security industry, a game that seemed so cold cutthroat and unfair at times… What I would’ve given to have had some help.” -Byron  


My goal here is to create an extremely comprehensive product that can give more to a security professional then simply one experience with just a course. During a course you learn skills but you really only have one exposure to those techniques and tactics, all you really walk away with is what you can retain and what you’re diligent enough to practice, which is usually not that much in the long run. Because you will have access to the Training Day product for the rest of your life and because that product will continue growing, you will have more of an opportunity to internalize more content than you would from any course you pay to go through one time. 


This training product is not going to teach you how to achieve a sub-second draw or how to fight your way through a vehicle ambush at your drop point because this product is not geared towards the hard skills. This product is however a vehicle to help you reach executive protection success, maintain that success and maximize that success through the honing of a very particular set of soft skills. These are the soft skills that I utilize every single day out in the field with clients, in the CP with the team and at the residence with the house staff. If you can master these soft skill sets then success in this industry will be much more of a realistic probability than it ever could be by focusing on hard skills and combat tactics alone. I’ve seen many dangerous men lose in this game because they could not accumulate enough social and cultural equity to survive. Because in the private security industry it will be your relationships that dictate how high you rise or fall at the end of the day. 


“Hard skills may save you and your client one day but soft skills are what keep you in the game and get you paid.” -Byron 


Training Day is much more than just a digital product. Training Day is a digital library, almost like a university. I am sharing all of my personal tricks, techniques and tactics to successfully navigate a multitude of Executive Protection issues in the hopes of covering everything. Right now, the library is already at over 20 different videos but I hope to hit 100 videos covering many  topics by the end of the year. You know I won’t stop there though because as I learn more from the podcast, the trainings I put myself through and experience, my content will only get better and the library will only become more and more valuable.  


ACCESS: Right now, you pay once and gain access to over 20 modules of training I already have recorded waiting for you to learn from, then I keep adding to the library and you maintain access. I will change this in the future, it may become more like a membership with a larger annual buy-in simply because you’ll have access to so much content about the private security game. My suggestion is that you get in now while the product is at its cheapest in order to benefit from the growth of the product and information, also to be grandfathered in at the best price. When it’s all said and done, I intend to add everything I know about Executive Protection to this library called Executive Protection Training Day.  


Additionally, please be aware that if you are a training day member you can reach out to me directly, ask questions and prompt me to create videos on various topics you need help with. My aim here is to design one of the most helpful and comprehensive private security products on the market and I believe we are on the right path with this structure. The beauty is that this product is only just beginning so get in now. Because if only one technique, one tip, one tactic can help you be better at your job, save your clients life, impress them or save your job than anything you spend on this training will be worth it! I look forward to seeing you on the inside. 


Protector by nature and by trade 

Byron Rodgers CEO Bravo Research Group 

Host of the Executive Protection Lifestyle podcast